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Internationally renowned Artist, celebrating a lifetime love of design and Cultural Art

The Journey Continues, Expo Brisbane 1988

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Kooma clan, of the Uralarai people, SW Queensland

Lives and works from her studio in Bundaberg Queensland Australia.

Dr. Pamela Croft has practised as a visual artist since the mid-eighties. She is an academic who has worked extensively in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia. She facilitates and coordinates various community cultural development projects, curates exhibitions, worked in curriculum design, implementation, evaluation and various other community consultancy and projects. She is an active member and representative for Indigenous and community art groups advocating for artists rights, social justice, self-determination and empowerment. She is the first Indigenous person to gain a Doctor of Visual Arts. In 2004 she was awarded Central Queenslander of the Year by the Queensland Government, and a Public Art Award of Excellence with the Atlanta Urban Design Commission in the USA.

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