Earthy modern interior design for living room is all about the color palette chosen and the materials, along with décor items that pull the whole style together. Today our website is bringing you earthy living room ideas, between the rustic and the modern home design styles and with different colors and their tone, that must complement not only each other but also the feel you want your living room to have. Popular ideas include the two-tone paint living room, and the African style interior design, which are perfect for the earthy modern interior design for the living room you are looking for, so do take a mental note of the suggestions this post’s gallery is about to give to you. Modern is one of the most sought for design styles, and, with the green movement, earthy sounds like a great way to go, as you will see on the picture list of this post. You can give it a more of a zen feel, perhaps with plants and natural wood furniture, or just play with the earthy tones to achieve the décor style more subtly. Either way, there are many ways to achieve earthy modern interior design for living room perfectly, as you are about to see.  Your home interior mirrors your tastes, so you can play with this décor theme and dress it up or down depending on the final product you are aiming for, and believe us when we say there are ways to make a room look fancy without breaking your budget. The secret is in picking the right pieces and combinations to find the right balance between colors, materials, furniture and décor items. Our team has collected various ideas to inspire you in this earthy modern interior design for living room quest. Take a look at what we’ve found!